Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Blog....New beginnings

Well, I've been a blog lurker for a few years now. Many of my ideas, recipes and inspiration come from the blogs that I read.

I have decided, why not try this blog thing out - maybe it will give me that extra bit of motivation that I need.

Weight is something I've had issues with my entire life. I remember being in Gr. 2 and kids joking about a boy in the class weighing 100lbs...and I was sitting there thinking "I weigh 100lbs"...
Yikes! I've been up and down. I'm pretty tall (5'10) and my highest weight has been 226 and my lowest has been 160. I aiming for a goal weight of 170lbs. My current weight is 221.

I am getting married in August to my love of 6 years. I desperately want to feel beautiful on my wedding day. I would love to be 170lbs and not think once about looking fat.

My plan - Eat a variety of healthy foods (as clean as possible)
- Exercise daily (just got my own treadmill!! and it's really making things happen!)

So..I'm looking for any bit of encouragement for my journey. I will keep you posted on my weight loss, as well as my wedding plans!

Thanks for joining me!

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